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Recent blog post - Doctor Who Series 11 Ranked

2019-01-01 • Matt

  1. E11 - Resolution
  2. E06 - Demons of the Punjab
  3. E07 - Kerblam!
  4. E10 - The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
  5. E04 - Arachnids in the UK
  6. E03 - Rosa
  7. E05 - The Tsurunga Conundrum
  8. E09 - It Takes You Away
  9. E08 - The Witchfinders
  10. E01 - The Woman Who Fell to Earth
  11. E02 - The Ghost Monument

Resolutions is the top, but that’s not really saying much considering how weak the competition is. Here’s hoping for a better series 12. Jodie Whittaker is killing it though, so I’m looking forward to it.

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