Yes I know I’m a week late with this post, don’t @ me.


Lotta traveling since the last post

Outer Banks

Went with my family on our annual vacation to the Outer Banks, NC. Big highlight there was climbing Cape Hatteras Light:

(A straightened version of that image can be found here

panoramic view from the top of the lighthouse The view of the Atlantic from the top of the lightouse

Hatteras Woods showing path of lighthouse movement The scar through the woods from when they moved the lighthouse is still clearly visible. The original position of the lighthouse was next to the grassy patch on the beach.

Plaque showing lighthouse location Original location etched in stone, new location etched in printer ink


Went to Chicago to visit family. Going through TSA before the flight out, we noticed a six-pack of beer that the TSA had seized (Sixpoint Resin IPA, so this was some good stuff). This inspired me to create a drinking game:

The TSA Six-Pack Challenge

You need:

  • a six pack of beer
  • a friend
  • plane tickets for you and your friend

Setup: Take your six pack and get in the TSA security line. You’ll want to keep it hidden until after you go through the ID/boarding pass check

Game start: The game begins when the TSA agent tells you that you can’t bring the beer on the plane.

Win Criteria:

  • Drink three beers
  • Get through security
  • Put your shoes back on
  • Get all your luggage and personal effects off the belt

(Matt will not be held responsible for any penalties, legal or otherwise, incurred to players of the game. Drink responsibly.)

Also, stopped by the Museum of Science and Industry

Video of a Mold-A-Rama machine in action

A model of the Hulk in a model of Chicago HULK SMASH CHICAGO! Spotted in the museums large model train layout, which features a replica of downtown Chicago. L tracks visible in the background.

A model of the Hulk in a model of Chicago “I hate Illinois Nazis.” Stuka plane captured in Africa during WWII

Could’ve spent the whole afternoon pressing this button repeatedly. Sound of a Tesla coil in and whistle from the coal mine in the background

Video Game Corner

Also spent the past month playing more video games that usual. Here’s some highlights:

Donut County

This is a very funny light puzzle game where you portray a hole controlled by a raccoon. I don’t really want to say more that that. Pick it up on PC/Mac for $13 or iOS for $5

Overcooked 2

Adds the key featuring missing in the original Overcooked: online multiplayer. Of course, I haven’t actually tried that out yet, so it might be crap for all I know. I bought this on Switch, and it’s clearly just a lousy PC port (UI the wrong size, awkward menu controls). Get this on PC and you’ll be much happier. (I have the original on PC, and it’s great.)

Mario Kart 8

It’s Mario Kart. It’s great.


I’ve only gone for one run since the last blog post; it’s just been too hot and humid. Today it was 70 degrees, and I was just about to go for a run when it started raining. I swear I’m not making excuses.